Arrow Marketing Group timeshare marketing programs help you generate more revenue, hold on to prospects longer and make the most of your marketing budget. Our recession-friendly discount programs can be used as a first day tour incentive, a prospect retention tool, an easy upsell to recoup revenue or a turnkey product with universal appeal, featuring:


Depending on the level of customization you need – from a strictly web-based offering to a comprehensive membership experience – Arrow Marketing Group has timeshare promotions and turnkey exit programs just for you. Our flexible fulfillment solutions allow you to quickly create a customized, full-service club, featuring options such as:


  • Custom loyalty card,
  • Full-color fulfillment kit,
  • Customer retention email campaigns,
  • Marketing support materials,
  • Toll-free customer service,
  • And, of course, 300,000 popular places to save.


Our exit sales solutions keep you in contact with prospective customers long after your sales presentation, transforming today’s walk-away into tomorrow’s buyer. The value will be obvious to the customer, who will save hundreds of dollars on the purchases they make every day. So, when a prospect says “No,” answer with an Arrow Marketing Group exit program offering big savings from over 300,000 top brands.

Stress Less!

ARROW MARKETING GROUP is here to simplify your holiday experience all over the globe…

Project Development & Management

Our company provides full project management and development of vacation ownership projects of all types in every stage of development, with a focus on sales and marketing project management.


⦁ New Project Development.
⦁ Hotel/Condo Conversions.
⦁ Product Development.
⦁ Sales & Marketing Development & Management.
⦁ Full Project Management.


Marketing, Lead, and Tour Generation

Our company’s extensive experience with all types of timeshare/vacation ownership tour generation and internet marketing/e-commerce can provide your sales floor and call centers with a steady pipeline of high-efficiency tours and leads.


⦁ Digital Timeshare Tour Generation (Minivac, Day Drive, OPC, Referral)
⦁ Local, Regional, and National Lead Generation
⦁ Club and “Road Show” Tour/Lead Generation
⦁ Social Media Lead Generation
⦁ Online Reputation Management
⦁ E-Commerce Consulting
⦁ Social Media & Mobile Marketing


Marketing of Timeshare Weeks

The solution we’ve developed is quite beautiful in its simplicity.  You give us access to your unused vacation weeks, and then through a combination of tailored marketing and advertising techniques, we make those vacation weeks available to the travelers seeking out their own value. No long-term commitment required. And most significantly, we exist solely to add value to your vacation programs, not give you something else to manage. You can rest assured you’ll be receiving top value for your weeks, and at the same time, enjoy the satisfaction that comes from knowing other travelers are benefiting from your holiday ownership.

We provide innovative vacation ownership project development and management services, sales and marketing consulting, business operations enhancement, tour generation solutions and industry-leading digital consulting services to clients worldwide.


2018 Fly & Buy Programs: An Easy Way to Buy Property in Mexico 

But, why Mexico? Baby boomers thinking of Mexico for retirement. With 78 million American baby boomers racing toward retirement, Mexican and American investors are betting that in the coming years tens of thousands of them will look at Mexico as a potential home. As the real estate market in Mexico steadily grows and expands, so do the opportunities to fly down to Mexico to check out new, or still under construction, real estate developments. One way to do this cheap, or sometimes for free, is to take advantage of our Fly & Buy promotions. Fly & Buy promotions are a more economical way to travel, it can be a great opportunity. Often, if you decide to purchase a property during (or shortly after) your visit, you will be 100% reimbursed for the travel expenses, or this amount will be deducted from the purchase price of your property.


*If you are not a Holiday Ownership Company, Resort, etc., but still would like to apply for the Fly n´ Buy Campaign, please e-mail us at contact@arrowmgp.com in order to inform you about our individual programs designed just for you.

Medical Tourism Campaigns

“Medical tourism” refers to traveling to another country for medical care. It’s estimated that thousands of US & Canadian residents travel abroad for care each year. Many factors influence the decision to seek medical care overseas.  Some people travel for care because treatment is cheaper in another country. Others may travel to receive a procedure or therapy not available in the United States or Canada. The most common procedures that people undergo on medical tourism trips include cosmetic surgery, dentistry, and heart surgery.


Because Travel and Health come together, we’re putting together a unique and incredible project to improve your vacation experiences…


Hotel guests now need more than a body scrub and a foot massage to feel pampered when they stay at a five star resort. Travelers are now opting for whole body checkups, complete with an on-site physician and dietician to make sure they are receiving the ultimate treatment during their vacation. For years, resorts have offered spas and other amenities that promote relaxation and happiness, but now some hotels, resorts, and spas are directly entering into medical tourism by offering programs that partner with hospitals and other health professionals to provide a completely holistic wellness experience.


If you want to know more about this campaign, contact us now and one of our executives will be able to provide you with all the information you want to know according to your needs


Liquidate Timeshare Membership

If you have a timeshare that you wish to liquidate, you’ve come to the right place. Timeshare Liquidation is the process of legally eliminating all binding aspects of a timeshare contract as it pertains to the current owner.
In what is called the Timeshare Liquidation, we provide professional services for timeshare owners who no longer want or need their timeshare ownership. This can be for a variety of reasons but most often, financial burdens top the list. Consider it “one last thing” in dealing with your timeshare.


Timeshare liquidation is NOT:
⦁ Selling your timeshare.
⦁ Renting your timeshare.
⦁ Transferring your timeshare.

While each case is different and we can’t get too deep in the weeds of legal processes, timeshare liquidation is the only effective means of truly severing ties with your timeshare contract. We take advantage of the liquidation of your timeshare to create marketing campaigns aimed to different resorts in the world. If this is something you are interested in, give us a call at (011) 511 640-9304 and chat us up. We’d be happy to answer any questions to see if this service may be for you. If you’d rather us give you a call, schedule a Free Consultation and we’ll reach out to you.


Integrated Marketing Campaigns / Fly n´ Buy

For many years, Arrow Marketing Group has been operating a very successful lead generating “fly n´ buy” campaign in partnership with many Holiday Ownership Companies and now we are seeking allies with more Resorts, Private Residence Clubs, Fractional Ownerships and Full Time Ownerships all over the world.


We can offer you highly qualified prospects of several nationalities, including; American, Canadian, Mexican, British, Scandinavian (Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Norway) Russian, German, Dutch, French, Italian and more…


Available to you, free of charge, in return for a 7-night stay at your resort.

All bookings must be made a minimum of 90 days before departure, giving you advance notice, making the booking procedure easier and more streamline.

The prospects we provide are;


A. Between 35 and 65 years old.

B. Married or in a long term relationship (min 2 years).

C. Hold a joint annual income of US $40.000 per annum (or if retired US $34.000 per annum).

D. Holders of a valid credit card (Master-card, Visa or American Express).

E. Have agreed to a holiday resort presentation with NO obligations for a minimum of 90 minutes.


Historically, our resort partners have converted over 40% of the qualified prospects that we have provided in sales, creating the relationship mutually beneficial.

In return for the provision of qualified prospects, we ask for a modest commission on completed sales.

If you would wish to be involved in this new and cost efficient marketing program, please contact us, stating if you hold any preferences in the nationalities you would wish to have. We can design a campaign to suit you, with the qualifications of the market for which your product has been created, call us now!